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Ocean Park Hong Kong the Marine Life Treats Which Are the City’s Major Attractions

August 8, 2014

I have understood the importance of time more so in Hong Kong. The pleasures of the hotel would have to wait for this day I am going to the Ocean Park Hong Kong and I did not want to be late at all. No way was I going to club the day with some other sightseeing which could compel me to be pressed for time in the park. The park has been awarded with the prestigious biannual Applause Award in 2012 which ranked it the best among all the other attractions in the amusement and theme park industry. Functional since 1977, the park has included from time to time newer attractions, I am told and I intended to make the most of it.


Entrance Ocean Park Hong Kong
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Sprawled over an area of 870,000 square meters, in the park one could enjoy the polar adventure where you can meet up with the penguins from up close. I began my trip in the park and ushered swiftly into the section, there are penguins and I could get unbelievably very close to them. Some of the other animals that I got to see are the walruses, the seals, Arctic foxes and the snowy owls and so many more that I had lost count. The Tuxedos restaurant had amazing refreshments and I indulged in a drink suitably chilled to get me in the groove. Some quick trips to the Old Hong Kong where the city’s past were revisited. Then I dared to enjoy the Thrill Mountain where some of the scary rides like the Aviator, the Rev Rooster and others made me pant mad.

Full View of Ocean Park Hong Kong
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Gaming in Ocean Park Hong Kong
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Next up for me in the Ocean Park Hong Kong were the Rainforest and the Aqua City.  While the rainforest made me enjoy the ambience and the exotic environment of the tropical forests along with the kind of wild life that can be seen there, Aqua City introduced me to the marine themed area where I sat and saw Symbio, the multi-sensory show which was fun and spectacular. Waiting for me was the aquarium where there are a staggering number of 500 fishes from over 400 species! I was completely bowled over. 


Ocean Park
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