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Palm Islands, Dubai - The Largest Synthetic Structure

April 11, 2014

Dubai had always been my dream destination. As a child, I was more inclined towards discovering new places and making journeys rather than hooking up with friends and watching cartoons. During the fifth day of my stay in Dubai, I had started to get the feeling of some achievement as I was living my own dreams of being in Dubai.

On the fifth day, I decided to go to the Palm Islands of Dubai. I and friends hired a cab there and started heading towards Palm Islands which is a must visit place whenever you are going to Dubai. It is said that the place is more like a wonder of the modern era.

As we reached in the Palm Islands, I could notice the innovativeness of human and how technology has benefitted our lives and changed it with an entire 360 degree angle. There is a synthetic island in the middle of the sea which is in the shape of a palm tree which seems constructed out of a layer of thin air.

The man-made island is created out of three constituents, namely, the Palm Jebel Ali, the Palm Deira and the Palm Jumeriah that occupies a distance of over 520 kilometers to the shoreline. In terms of the artificial islands, the trilogy is considered to be one of the largest islands in the world.

Palm Jumeriah

Palm Jumeriah | Image Resource :

Palm Jebel Ali

At Palm Jebel Ali I could notice the famous 7-star property Burj-al-Arab hotel which is marvelous structure made by humans and resembles to the shape of a sailboat. The Palm Jebel Ali also sports a number of entertainment places and an aquarium where I could see a number of aquatic animals.

Palm Jebel Ali

Palm Jebel Ali | Image Resource :

 Palm Deira

This is the largest of the three islands and is located in the coastal areas. The construction work in this part of the Palm Islands is still on and it is expected to house a large number of big buildings and construction bodies.

Palm Jebel Ali

Palm Jebel Ali is also a magnanimous of human architecture which is smallest among the trilogy. The island is basically like a residential area and I could see a large number of apartments, houses, Town Houses, marinas, beaches, cafes and restaurants, all housed in a single location.

My journey to the Palm Islands was breathtaking and I enjoyed it to the core of my content.

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