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Pangkor Island Malaysia - The Place to Be With Self

May 26, 2014

The Perak state coast encompasses small clusters of islands, which are unquestionably among the best beaches of peninsular Malaysia in the western coast. The placid blue waters of the sea are simply breathtaking. I was overjoyed with the moments spend with my lovely friends on the beaches of Pangkor Island Malaysia. The island is the hub of fishermen whose catches consist mainly of fishes like anchovy and cuttlefish. It is completely a budget tourist destination and holds a leading position in the industries of dried seafood and fishing. Coral and Nipah Beach are the most stunning beaches of the island, which I learnt are popular among foreigners such as Australians and Europeans. It lies on the west northern coast in Nipah Bay. This island is the fully satisfying spot enfolded by fishes, corals and sea cucumbers.

Pangkor Island Malaysia

Pangkor Island Malaysia | Image Resource :

Pangkor Laut Resort Malaysia

Pangkor Laut Resort Malaysia | Image Resource :

Pangkor Island Resort Malaysia 

Pangkor Island Resort Malaysia | Image Resource :

There were innumerable water sports activities and all four of us decided to indulge in some of them. I got to cherish some of the precious moments of my life with my friends. Their company is much valuable for me in every moment of my journey. They boost me with their support and sense of humor. We were fortunate enough to watch birds of species like hornbills with awesome features. The sense of oneness and individuality can easily be felt by each of us. A break from our terrible business schedule was a must to rediscover our well being. This place has given us both with all means and modes. The stillness of the beach is still young at the back of my mind. A number of resorts and hotels are there to have a budget as well as luxurious accommodation over there. I could notice the diversified backgrounds of the people coming to the island. This showed the versatility of the place and its culture, which embraced everyone without any discrimination. The deep blue waters were mesmerizing me with the sense of a gradually developing enthusiasm.

Hornbill At Pangkor Island Malaysia

Hornbill At Pangkor Island Malaysia | Image Resource :

There are some very good islands and beaches nearby; however, they were not the part of our itinerary so without spending any more time over Pangkor Islands Malaysia, we continued our journey with the famous and informative museum of Malaysia, where we could grasp some knowledge of the culture and traditions of the country.

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