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Paragliding Tips for Beginners - What You Need to Know

April 22, 2014

Paragliding has been one of my most preferred passions. My restless nature and  “my Dad” are the two things that drew me to this amazing sport. I am an advocate of this sport. I’m posting this blog with an intention of promoting paragliding and encouraging people to participate in it. In this blog, I will be sharing some tips and techniques that will help you while paragliding.

Fly at new places

Every rider has his favourite sites of flying. Some fly over mountains some prefer coastal winds. I prefer challenging myself!

Try to fly in different location at different surrounding. While flying try to clear the obstacles present on the sides for smooth flying. You can have a great flight when you get exposure that is consistent to the wind, it is also advised to have great indicators.

Controlling the paraglider

As a beginner, controlling the paraglider is the most important part of paragliding. The quicker you learn to control, the easier it would be to fly. Controlling your flight not only requires skills but also a good knowledge with currents, equipments as well as weather conditions. Gliding in bad weather can be dangerous therefore one must know which whether is suitable for paragliding.


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Launching differs according to the wind and the terrain that you have chosen. I recommend the standard techniques of forward launch on a flat terrain for beginners. Remember your paragliders have brakes that are very useful in terms of  changing or adjusting the direction and speed of your flight. When you are flying, use the traditional techniques used by most of the paragliders for steering and maintaining the speed of the flight.

Paragliding Bag

Paragliding Bag | Image Resource :

At the end of your flight when you need to land, you need to make a quick decision on how you are going to do it. You can land in two different ways i.e. the figure-8 approach and classic aircraft approach.

You should be a great deal of knowledge when it comes to paragliding. So make sure you research well on the about mentioned points and I would advise you to watch some YouTube videos on them and last but not least keep flying and practicing. This will help you become a “PRO” pilot.

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