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Po Lin Monastery Hong Kong : An Amazing and Tranquil Place with Soothing Ambience

August 19, 2014

Hello friends. Today I am going to share my experience at Po Lin Monastery Hong Kong. Located on Lantau Islandin Ngong Ping, this beautiful Buddhist monastery was built originally by three monks in the year 1906 and then was called The Big Thatched Hut and was named the present name in the year 1924. Over the time period it has developed and grown to become a world renowned establishment which brags many proficient and famous Buddhist architectural structures for example Bodhisattva Skanda Hall, which is the most important Shrine Hall of Buddha and also at opposite site of the monastery is the Tian Tan Buddha. In one of the halls are present three shrines of Buddha namely Maitreya, Dipamkarara and Sakyamuni. In another hall a statue of Lord Buddha made in Bronze and weighing nearly two hundred kg is situated. Inside the premises is a bronze bell which weighs nearly 1,000kg. Today it is one of the most popular and renowned destination for national and international tourists making it a favorite tourist hub.

Po Lin Monastery Entrance

Po Lin Monastery Entrance | Image Resource :

Statue of Lord Buddha in Bronze

Statue of Lord Buddha in Bronze | Image Resource :

Besides tranquility and a serene place of worship this monastery is famous for the Buddhist culture, architectural landscapes, sculpture arts and the beautiful gardening. Besides having religious background this visit has also proved to be a heaven fir a foodie like me as every kind of mouthwatering delicacy was available for eating over here. I can scent the Aromatic tea even today. To sip that tea was an amazing experience both to my mind and body and really the tea has never tasted the same after that. The taste of other food items was also out of this world. There were many shops lined which were selling the local and famous products like idols of Lord Buddha and also wooden bracelets which will serve as memento of this visit and my friends would love it as gifts. I took many photographs of this scenic location capturing its main essence. The monastery is opened from 09.00 AM – 18.00 PM and is easily accessible.

Po Lin Monastery Exterior

Po Lin Monastery Exterior | Image Resource :

Po Lin Monastery Interior

Po Lin Monastery Interior | Image Resource :

The visit to Po Lin Monastery Hong Kong has been a very good and learning experience with the relaxation of both the body and mind. I was ready for my next experience to the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens.

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