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Prince Edward Island National Park Canada

May 16, 2015

After visiting the beautiful and refreshing Savary Island of British Columbia the next destination that I visited was the famous national park located on the Prince Edward Island of Canada. The nearest city from this popular tourist destination is the Charlottetown. Stretched over an area of 22 kilometres square this national park offers a perfect site to picnickers and vacationers from all across the globe.

Established long back in the year 1937 the Prince Edward Island National Park is governed by the authority of Parks Canada. This national park has been established with a mandate to preserve the sand dunes, sand beaches, salt marshes and the fresh water wet lands of the region. This park also offers a dwelling and breeding ground to the endangered species, Piping Plover. Due to its significance in conserving many endangered bird species this national park has been demarcated as a Canadian Important Bird Area.

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The Dalvay – by- the- sea is the main attraction of the national park. It is a magnificent Victorian era mansion that is currently transformed into an inn. Unfortunately due to its geographic location and anthropogenic activities many of the conservation and environmental communities have recognized the Prince Edward Island national park as one of the most endangered national parks. It experiences severe coastal erosion due to the winter storms which render its shoreline vulnerable to climate impacts.

A short film directed by John Walker in 2011 named National Parks Project holds this particular park as its main theme. The beaches of the Prince Edward Island national park are mesmerising and are very unique from most of the other coastal regions of the world. The park has been extended in 1998 when an extensive sand dune system was transferred from Greenwich provincial government to the Parks Canada.

It was a very calm and soothing experience for me to visit this spectacular tourist destination in Canada. I spent my whole afternoon lying on the sandy beaches of this area. It was truly a rejuvenating experience for the mind as well as body. In the evening I headed back to my hotel and was expecting to visit a lot more of such striking natural sites on my Canada trip.

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