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Railay Beach Thailand - For Day-Long Trip to the Exoticness of Thai Beach

June 27, 2014

The day would be special I was sure, for this day I was destined to visit the Railay Beach Thailand. The route would entail me to first go to Ao Nang, which is this Krabi Town in the Krabi province. It took about 30 minutes from the airport to Ao Nang and then I had to avail the boat to reach Railay. Of course, it would also mean the flight from Bangkok to Krabi which is for about 1 hour and 25 minutes. But would it be worth all the travelling to reach Krabi for the beach or not was yet to be seen. But friends regarded Krabi beaches to be most superior to the others in and around Thailand.

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I had two things in mind when I had made up my mind to make it to this beach - the rock climbing opportunities and the peace that the environment of the region offered. The destination offered a little for just about everyone - the young and the daring got attracted by the rock climbing in the limestone caves, the honeymooners prefers the seclusion for their enjoyment while the old and families feasted in the unique surroundings that were very pleasing aesthetically. Another main reason why I was keen for the beach is to sample the local cuisine and the delectable items that were being sold at the beachfront. Often, the cuisine of the hotel restaurants in any part of the world does not quite specialize in the local foods but offer standard global cuisine. It is in places like this that you can sample the real taste of the local fare.

I was suitably warned that the rock climbing here is not especially for the novice yet I tried my hand at it with full concentration. Consequently, I may have succeeded a little as far as my passion went but could not quite enjoy the climbing session because it is indeed very notorious here in Railay Beach Thailand. But nothing could quite take away the spectacular beauty of the place. The cliffs presented such marvelous views of the sea that it made me stop in my tracks. Thailand is turning out to be great fun and next for me was Wat Benchamabophit Thailand.

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