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Rayong Aquarium Thailand – Never Experienced Being at Most Stunning Underwater Glass Tunnel

July 8, 2014

The child in me was doing flips for there is something about aquariums that I simply cannot resist myself. So while I made my way to the Rayong Aquarium Thailand, it felt as though I was back to being a kid. There are many attractions packed in one - there are close to 43 tanks, an underwater tunnel made out of glass and exhibitions of fishing boat, which attracted tourists from far and wide. The outdoor ray and shark pond and the shell museum too are places which had large crowds. So by the time I was able to reach the facility, there was a long queue at the entrance.

 Rayong Aquarium Thailand

Rayong Aquarium Thailand | Image Resource :

Open for visitors between 10 am and 4 pm, there were all kinds of people among the crowd. There were children, young people and elders too, all wanting to enjoy the great facility. It was as though the underwater world had opened itself for view. There were creatures up for display which lived in the mangrove forests and various other marine animals like the turtle among which you could see the olive turtles, the hawksbill turtles and the leather back turtles too. In the underwater aquarium, I could see the star fishes, the sea cucumber and anemone too. A peek into the Fossil Museum offered exhibits like the extinct varieties of the humpback dolphins and the Irrawaddy dolphin too.

There is an information section nearby which had various information regarding bookings for the group visitors who take prior appointments before visiting the Rayong Aquarium Thailand. In this aquamarine world I stood awestruck while looking at the jaw dropping scenes of the large fishes that looked lethal just by their looks. Next sightseeing in my list is the Chiang Mai Zoo Thailand which will be another favorite of mine too I am sure. The two trips of mine on this one day would amount to such fun that I would most likely have memories which would last a lifetime. I picked up souvenir stuff from the outside of the facility which would be the real testimonies that I would carry back and each time I would see them I would surely miss these times.


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