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Remembering Childhood Days with Friends at the Shedd Aquarium

March 19, 2015

The John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois was our next destination in the states. My friends and I are nature lovers and we do not miss any opportunity to get up close and personal with wild life. While planning a trip to Chicago, we had put together an itinerary which had maximum opportunities to explore the elements of Chicago which are not overshadowed by its glamour.

The city offers much more than just entertainment. It is a place where you can learn a lot. The Museum Campus in Chicago is home to some of the world’s most unique and popular museums, exhibitions, activity centres and planetarium. In this leg our trip we will explore this region of Chicago.

The Shedd Aquarium as it is popularly known as is the largest aquarium in Illinois and among the largest in the world. It is also among the most visited museums in the entire world. The museum was in fact the most visited museum in the United States in the year 2005.

John G Shedd Aquarium Chicago

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The reason for the popularity of this privately owned indoor aquarium is its unique exhibitions. Although it is not easy to explain the real beauty and adventure associated with these exhibitions in words, use your imagination and try to live the images that I intend to create. Or the best go and visit the aquarium and you won’t have to read my boring post!!

The most vivid exhibition at the Shedd Aquarium is Touch the Sting Ray, where you can literally touch a sting ray kept in a 20,000 gallon mammoth tank. The yellow spotted rays and the cow nose sting rays are currently on display in the exhibition. The most popular of the exhibitions is the Waters of the World, where close to 25000 salt water animals are on display. The guides provide beautiful insights into the lives of various species, their prey and their unique hunting techniques.

At the Oceanarium we saw the California Sea Lions, the White Sided Pacific Dolphins and even Penguins. This part of the aquarium has a 200,000 gallon water tank. The Fantasea and the 4D show were also memorable for me and my friends. We enjoyed like we did in our childhood days like school kids. It made us realise that these moments are the most important in life.

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