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Rideau Canal Canada : An UNESCO World Heritage Site

June 15, 2015

There were a couple of places on my itinerary list that I wanted to visit eagerly after the The Bata shoe Museum. So the next destination that I visited was the Rideau Canal of Canada which is again located at the Ontario province. Built in 1832 by John By this canal is a member of the Parks Canada. Due to its cultural significance the Rideau Canal was designated as a UNESCO world heritage site in the year 2007. It was also designated as the National Historic site of Canada in the year 1925.

Colloquially known as the Rideau waterways this canal connects the cities of Ottawa that is located on the banks of the Ottawa River and Kingston that is located on the Lake Ontario. The term “Rideau” has been derived from a French word that means curtain. Stretching over a length of 202 kilometres the Rideau River comprises of twin waterfalls which appear like curtains at the point of the joining of this river with the Ottawa River. It is indeed a mesmerising site.

Rideau Canal Canada

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This canal system was basically built as a precautionary measure in case a war breaks up with the United States. But contemporarily it is being used as a site for pleasure boating for visitors who love to spend their time in the soothing and calm scenic surroundings of this river. Most of the original structures of the Rideau Canal are preserved meticulously by the Parks Canada.

The Rideau Canal stands as the oldest continuously operated canal system in whole of the northern part of America. The locks of this canal system that offers passage to boats are still fully functional. The best time to visit the Rideau Canal is during mid – October when the skate-way of this canal is operational. This skating season starts immediately after the boating season when the water gets deposited and frozen naturally at the Ottawa locks. People from all parts of the world gather to this canal to experience a wonderful and thrilling skating season.  The canal skate-way is maintained by the National Capital Commission.

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