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Savary Island Canada : The Sun Kissed Beaches of British Columbia

May 12, 2015

I am a nature lover and hence the very first site that I selected for my visit in Canada was the Savary Islands of British Columbia. It is a beautiful island which is mainly comprised of sandy beaches which appear to give a shiny silvery gleam in the sun shine. It is truly an amazing scene to witness. I left my hotel i.e. the Hazelton Hotel early in the morning and set foot towards the Savary Island to relax on the sun bathed beaches of this popular tourist destination.

The weather at this place is very soothing with moderate temperatures and refreshing cold breeze that draws vacationers from all parts of the world all the year round. There are a number of good restaurants for dining that serve scrumptious local cuisine to customers. For those who wish to stay at this island, there are also a number of standard hotels that offer a very comfortable stay and also fit the budget.

Savary Island Canada

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I am an adventure lover and hence was quite happy to discover that there is scope for many fun and adventure activities such as camping, hiking, boating, kayaking etc. on this scenic island. There are a couple of Forest Service campsites that organize camps in midst of the natural surroundings at the Savary Island.

For those who are more interested in leisure activities there is an option for fishing and sight- seeing in the many lakes on this island. Boats are available at affordable tariffs on rent. Hence, one can also go boating amidst the calm and green settings of the Savary lakes.


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Trout fish is the most common variety of fish that dwells in the fresh waters of this island. There is also a local library that has a wide range of books and archaic documents and records that draws interests of tourists from nearby as well as far off places. One can also go hiking in the Wildwood of Savary Island. The Kinsman Beach or Mowat Bay are the most conducive sites to take a swim. Hiking is most common on the Valentine Mountain in the Cranberry region of this island.

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