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Taking an Artistic Leap at the Art Institute Chicago

March 25, 2015

The Art Institute of Chicago was the next item on my itinerary. The art collection in this institute has won critical acclaim from generations of experts and has been at the center of impressionist and post impressionist art for over 8 decades now. The institute was founded in the year 1892 on the model of European art academies.

The Art Institute came into its current form in the year 1930 and is now located at 111 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Illinois has always been a center for the creation, study and preservation of art and when 35 academicians came together in 1866 to found the Chicago Academy of Design, they had the complete support of the people and the Government of Chicago. This support has remained with the institute through its many ups and downs.

Art Institute Chicago

Art Institute Chicago | Image Resource :

The Art Institute is home to some of the most coveted works of Van Gogh. I am an art lover and although some of my friends were not very eager for a visit to an art gallery, I assured them the AIC is much more than an art gallery and that they would be missing a great deal. They finally joined me. As an art lover I have a special liking for Asian and African American Post-impressionist art pieces. I am also a fan of the self portraits of Van Gogh. Some of the best among which are preserved at the Art Institute of Chicago.

African Art at the Art Institute Chicago

African Art at the Art Institute Chicago | Image Resource :

Buddha at the Art Institute of Chicago

Buddha at the Art Institute of Chicago | Image Resource :

The AIC is also home to a large collection of books, especially on architecture. Interestingly, the designs of these libraries are themselves acclaimed as marvels of architectural genius. The Art Institute has separate premises for the Ryerson & Burnham Libraries which house some of the oldest texts on architecture, art and literature.

The modern art classics collection has won a lot of critical acclaim. Although we are not academicians ad hence could not enjoy the beauty of these texts to the fullest, the surroundings themselves had a thrilling effect. The Modern Wing which spans across 24500 square meters also has a beautiful sculpture garden which is best known for its bronze statues and the African American art works.

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