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Taman Negara Malaysia - Always Remembered for Its Exceptional Adventure Activities

May 22, 2014

Love towards wildlife happened to me in my early days when I was befriended by a pet dog in my neighborhood. Though I was not allowed by my grandparents to keep pet dogs in my house, I always fulfilled my wishes with one that was in my neighbor. Gradually my love for wildlife developed with the ongoing time. Exploring wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, going for Lion safari, etc., are some of my added adventurous habits. Exploring Taman Negara Malaysia was one of the fascinating experiences of my life that happened to me during my expedition to Malaysia. The Jungle Paradise is located in Pahang’s tropical rainforest. The purpose of the forest is to preserve, protect and propagate the jewel of flora and fauna in the state. It is a must added activity in the itinerary agenda of the tourists.

Taman Negara Entrance Malaysia

Taman Negara Entrance Malaysia | Image Resource :

Taman Negara Canopy

Taman Negara Canopy | Image Resource :

My spirit for adventure was on new heights and I was astounded to know about the canopy walkway, which is the largest in the world. It consists of 510 meters long and 45 meters high walkway, which can be used to view the rich and indigenous natural resources of the forest. It is so shaky that the first time walkers would definitely get terrified for a while. It is also very easy to follow the trekking trail as it is transparent through its clear marking. Activities like fishing and natural trails are also liked by many tourists as they provide a large number of their species to be watched and appreciated. We took a Traditional Express boat to unwind us and capture some of the finest species of floras and faunas of the forest. The most exceptional activity that I loved to do was the canopy walkway. It treasured me with the lifetime experience as this adventure was totally new for me and I successfully completed it without any hesitation and anxiety. The captivating views above the canopy were awesome and cannot be described in words.

Taman Negara Park Malaysia

Taman Negara Park Malaysia | Image Resource :

Taman Negara Malaysia endowed me with a precious gift that I could never forget and would cherish till my end. The forest expedition was completed with a trip to an island in Malaysia.

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