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The Brookfield Zoo - A Reservoir of Animals

April 20, 2015

The Brookfield Zoo, Chicago Illinois is among the oldest zoos in the United States of America. The zoo preserves and protects some of the endangered species of the world. The city of Chicago has a temperate climate and hence is ideal for all kinds of wildlife. The zoo was opened for public in the year 1930.

The land was donated by the famous lady philanthropist Edith Rockefeller in 1919. The zoo was among the first in the states to keep animals in ditches and using moats instead of restricting them with cages. Keeping animals in cages is extremely inhuman according to me, although I am a nature lover and believe that zoos and ecological gardens are extremely important, the liberties of animals should be maintained as much as possible.

Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo | Image Resource :

The zoo was also the first in Illinois to preserve an Asiatic Panda, although it died a number of years ago, its taxidermy is still on display. The zoo houses bison, Asiatic elephants, Oryx, Deer, Lesser and Greater Kundu, Koalas, Hartebeests and African Buffalos. The rich collection of wildlife is widely acclaimed by taxonomists and ecologists. The zoo has had a great role is bringing awareness regarding wildlife preservation to the states.

Asiatic Panda in Brookfield Zoo

Asiatic Panda in Brookfield Zoo | Image Resource :

Bison in Brookfield Zoo

Bison in Brookfield Zoo | Image Resource :

Oryx in Brookfield Zoo

Oryx in Brookfield Zoo | Image Resource :

My friends and I wished to visit this world renowned zoo because in our busy lives it is almost impossible for us to stay close to nature. I as a businessman often become completely materialistic; I have to be, to do well. Hence, from time to time I go out and enjoy the thrills of nature. The state of Illinois provides special support to the Brookfield zoo and hence, it is also known as the Chicago Zoo.

Ziggy the elephant, Olga the Atlantic Walrus and Binti Jua the motherly Lowland Gorilla had a cult following around the world. Cookie the Cockatoo has lived through the age of the Chicago zoo and was brought here when it was just one. Although it is no longer on exhibit, we had a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of the veteran performer. Esmeralda has now replaced cookie. We developed a bond with these animals and it was difficult to leave the Brookfield Zoo.

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