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Thean Hou Temple, Kuala Lumpur - Depicts the Religious Reforms of Malaysia

April 29, 2014

Malaysia, one of the happening destinations of the world, has diversified array of attractions that can stand on the high expectations of the tourists. Among the top sightseeing spots of Malaysia lies the Thean Hou Temple Kuala Lumpur and we began our trip with that. Located on the Robinson Hills of Kuala Lumpur, it provides a spectacular view of the city. This is the largest Chinese religious monument in the South East Asia. It was established in 1987 but was officially opened in the year 1989. The cost of completing the monument between 1981 and 1987 was seven million Ringgits approximately.

Main Gate of the Temple
Main Gate of the Temple | Image Resource :

Thean Hou Temple
Thean Hou Temple | Image Resource :

Interior with Mazu
Interior with Mazu | Image Resource :

The temple houses religious combination of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. The ornate cravings, spectacular roofs, imposing pillars and intricate embellishments are the authentic and traditional features of the temple. Its grand and contemporary architectural build has made it a popular destination for tourists. The entrance consists of red pillars that feature a multi arched gateway, which reflects the color symbol of good fortune and prosperity. A canteen and souvenir stalls are found on the first floor, a multipurpose hall on second floor and the offices are situated on the 3rd level. The 4th level houses a prayer hall with 3 tiers. We went to each level to know Buddhism with more interest. The prayer hall has the Goddesses namely Shui Wei Sheng Nilang, Guan Yin and Tian Hou. The smaller statue of Guan Hou is located amongst rocks and declining water where one can kneel down and offer prayer to the Goddess and in return get the blessing of the falling water from the statue. Other interesting features are a Wishing Well, Tortoise Pond and a garden of Chinese Medicinal Herbs.

Statue of Guan Hou
Statue of Guan Hou | Image Resource :

The grand birthday of all the Goddesses is celebrated in the Thean Hou Temple Kula Lumpur. Other religious and Buddhists activities are also performed, including Dharma Prayers. Services like marriage registration and fortune telling are also offered by the temple. Martial arts classes and Chinese exercises are conducted in the premises of the temple as part of recreational activities. We came to know a lot about the cultures and religious forms of Malaysia through the temple and now it was the time to move forward for our next destination of popular caves of Malaysia.

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