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Tips for safely paragliding

March 11, 2015

Apart from having the right mindset, following points can offer you safe paragliding experience.

These four factors must be considered for your safety :

- Preparation for the flight
- A perfect launch
- Having the right altitude while you reach the landing zone.
- A perfect landing

Preparation for the flight

- Getting all the information required helps you to understand the flying pattern and whether it is safe to fly. You may need information such as the wind conditions and weather forecast.

- Regularly check your equipment and see whether they work properly.

-Conduct a preflight check up of every equipment before you fly. If there is doubt or  glitch then you should drop the idea of flying.

- Always check whether or not your harness is working because it is one of the most critical elements of paragliding.

- Before a flight, paraglider should be mentally prepared. If you aren't then you should probably not fly until you feel the need to do so.

- To improve your flying, make sure you keep practicing your ground handling and launch techniques.

- If you have flaws, try to change it. Since, these flaws are like habits, it is very difficult to forget them.

A Perfect Launch

- A good launch can boost your confidence and hence it is one of the most important parts of paragliding. It is advised that you keep the legs down until we get off the hill.

- A good paraglider should know to recover when things go wrong. If there is a technical glitch or a weather threat then the flight must be aborted immediately. As a paraglider, you should know to analyse these elements while you fly.

Paraglider Towed Launch

Paraglider Towed Launch | Image Resource :

Having the right altitude while you reach the landing zone

- When you are flying up in the air, certain goals should be kept in mind such as reaching the right landing zone, attaining the right altitude and analyzing the wind conditions.

- Other elements are secondary so you can check them later.

- When you fail to reach the landing zone, it is known as “landing out”. Often landing out can be hazardous for your flight and lead to accidents.

A Perfect Landing

- A good landing makes your flight successful.

- Practice your landing techniques and try to land at the target location.

- Time your flights.

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