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True Cricket Lovers Can’t Miss a Visit to “The G”- Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia

July 30, 2015

How could I miss the very famous Melbourne Cricket Ground. So here I was. If you are truly a Cricket fan and lover, then you just can’t miss the opportunity, being in Australia of visiting the World’s most famous cricket stadium. Cricket is a famous game these days and the recent Cricket World Cup-2015 match proved this. Melbourne Cricket Stadium is the 12th largest stadium in the world and has witnessed two Cricket World Cups in the year 1992 and 2015.

Melbourne Cricket Ground Australia | Image Resource :

Also, Australia hosted the 2006 Commonwealth Games in this sports stadium. The stadium is the largest capacity Cricket ground with around 95,000 seats and additional 5000 as standing room capacity.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia is located in Eastern Melbourne in Yarra Park of Victoria. MCG or “The G” is in close to a few other famous tourist destinations in Melbourne and is located at a small distance from the City Centre. MCG is a very popular ground all over the world and, therefore, made for tourists to enjoy too. For this purpose, it is served by Richmond Railway Station and the Jolimont Railway Station. Melbourne Cricket Ground was opened in the year 1854 and has been listed under the National Heritage of Australia since the year 2005.

Melbourne Cricket Ground | Image Resource :

The ground is not only a must visit for cricket lovers. Melbourne Cricket Ground has served many other famous tournaments such as FIFA World Cup qualifiers round, rugby leagues and also serves as the finish line for Melbourne Marathon. This stadium being an internationally renowned stadium attracts voluminous crowds for visits.

Visiting Melbourne Cricket Ground remains a dream for many while only a few blessed ones can visit. I got a chance of taking in the majestic stadium. It enthralled my senses. If one visits Australia and not “The G”, it means that one has missed the opportunity to witness the place that acts as a confluence of true sportsmanship, cricket craze and International team spirit.

General View of Melbourn Cricket Ground | Image Resource :

Thus, Melbourne Cricket Ground is a must visit when you travel to Australia or Melbourne. This is the place that is admired and seen by millions of people across the globe in World Cup matches. The MCG is the place that every sportsperson wants to visit and play in. One definitely cannot miss visiting this place that has so true a Cricket ambience.


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