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Victoria Peak Hong Kong - The Ultimate for Entertainment and Delectable Cuisines and Much More

August 1, 2014

To encapsulate Hong Kong is impossible but if one would dare to attempt it, it should be done absolutely from the Victoria Peak Hong Kong. And this much popular peak was my sightseeing trip for the day in my first morning of Hong Kong. I had gotten up early and within very little time, I proceeded to the roof top area where in the open swimming pool some kids were having a lovely time. The naivety of the kids and their innocence is something that I miss the most about my childhood. I could not help but stand affixed there looking at their sweet nothings. Then after a hearty breakfast, I came back to my room and instructed the reception to have my conveyance ready in half an hour. It would not take long for me to get ready after all time was precious here.

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Everything worked out just well.  Almost telepathically, both I and my commute synced and I was on my way to the vantage point from where I had to board the tram from where I could proceed to the Victoria Peak. The terminus from where the tram left is on the Garden Road, from where the nearest MTR is Central. This 120 year old funicular railway is the pride of the city; one which the locals even never get tired of. It is a lovely experience something that I have never done before. And boy! It was worth every bit of it. The panorama of the city from the top is beautiful to say the least. As far as my eyes could stretch, I could see and feel the majesty of the city- the mountains towards the north, and the other landmarks of the city that stood proudly and distinctly.

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The only disappointment was that I should have come more towards the evening atop the Victoria Peak Hong Kong when the sun went down so that the lights around the city from that height could be savored. Yet, the gushing wind on my face gave me the most fantastic thrills. It was time mow to go to the staple attraction of Hong Kong- the Hong Kong Disney Land.  

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