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Wild Wadi Water Park, Dubai - For a Fun-Filled Experience!!

March 27, 2014

My friends and I spent yesterday in a very fun-filled manner at the Burj Khalifa. It was the second day of my stay in Dubai and we all were in a mood of little bit fun and adventure. We were a group of five members and all five of us like to enjoy the adventurous and frolicking side of self. Therefore, that day we decided to take up a trip to Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai.

Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai

Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai | Image Resource :

The Wild Wadi Park is located in front of the Burj Al Arab.The Water Park is a hub for all sorts of activities, starting from water activities to avian. We could locate 30 exclusive rides in the park, which were all one of its kinds. There is the Jemeriah Sceirah in the Water Park, which is a gravity defying spot and something of a type that was only seen in North America before it was started here.

Wild Wadi Water Park Slides

Wild Wadi Water Park Slides | Image Resource :

There was a series of rides connected to one another. The theme is based on Sindabad, the Sailor and his traveler friend Juha. These rides will typically attract children who are fond of comics and such mythical characters. There are a number of gentle rides here as well which are sure to win over the hearts of people who like adventure, but to a certain limit.

Wild Wadi Water Park Swimming Pool Dubai

Wild Wadi Water Park Swimming Pool Dubai | Image Resource :

For the thrill-seekers, there is the body boarding mettle, which is a man-made permanent wave. For availing access to these scary rides, one needs to be at least 110 cm tall. There are certain preconditions set for each ride found in the Water Park. Each of the rides is marked with “caution” stamp and few guidelines are also mentioned about the dos and don’ts during the ride.

One of the most amazing things I noticed in the Water Park is a waterfall that falls from about 18 meters height and goes off after every 10 minutes. Apart from the joy rides, there are three restaurants within and two gift shops within the water park. One can enjoy the food and snacks and refresh oneself for taking up further rides. We spent some time at the restaurant to have the snacks and again went on with the fun, which is limitless, within the Wild Wadi Water Park.

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