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Popular Trek Points around Mumbai

November 2, 2015

Mumbai is a never sleeping city that is popular for various reasons. People recognize this place as a bollywood city and numerous strugglers in acting field visit this place with a dream in their eyes. The place is also glorious with its beaches and ‘chawpati’. Another reason to cherish this place, mostly by the adventurous persona and hikers, is the presence of numerous thrilling trek points around the city of Mumbai.  

1. Tapola in mahabaleshwar

This is an ideal place to enjoy an extended weekend at this wonderful place. The place is also suitable for camping, kayaking, swimming and boating.

Tapola | Image Resource :

2. Kaldurga, palghar

Pack your sack and grab your trekking shoes to visit this awesome site for trekking. The hard core adventure of this site will leave you cherished and thrilled.

3. Ratangad

Trekkers who prefer a medium grade trekking experience can visit Ratangad. One can enjoy hiking upto a height of 4225 ft that falls in the region of Igatpuri fort. So just get along with your hiking companions and get going.

4. Siddhgad

This is another place in the vicinity of Mumbai to have a pleasant trekking experience. Reaching up to the peak and coming back may not take more than a day. So it’s a nice place for a quick and adventurous tenure.

5. Lonawala

A bike ride trek is amazing in this region. With the picturesque view of the place accentuated by clouds hovering over you give a fantabulous trek.

6. Peb- Vikatgad

People also consider this place to be good enough for a nice trekking time. You can see people enjoying the adventure and clicking pictures of the surroundings to keep a memory.All the trekking crazy people can move out for a fun day to any of these locations. Happy trekking

Magical Monsoon Trek At Vikatgad (Peb) | Image Resource :

I hold a passion for hiking and this love of mine has explored numerous places suitable for trekking around this fabulous city. Most people consider Mumbai to be only a beach city; to break this misnomer and to widen the zone of trekking lovers, I here mentioned a few popular trek points present around Mumbai that would give you a mesmerizing experience


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