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The Nature Watch From Close : Royal Melbourne Zoo!

August 19, 2015

When we talk about the must visit places in Melbourne, The Royal Melbourne Zoo is definitely one of them. It is the oldest zoological park in Australia and astonishingly, the 3rd oldest in the world! I visited the place as the last leg of the journey. The experience was completely worth it. And guess what? I got to see more than 320 species of animals found locally as well as from around the world. Awesome right! The Zoo is built similar to the London Zoo and is established around beautiful lawns full of blooming flowers and areas that are good picnic spots.

Royal Melbourne Zoo Entrance | Image Resource :

The Royal Melbourne Zoo is a home to various local as well as exotic animals that are mostly housed in bioclimatic regions similar to their native lands. This is to provide them optimum well-being and health. During my visit to this zoo, I clicked numerous pictures of various species and the zoo altogether. The beauty of wild nature from such a close distance is definitely a view worth remembering.

Royal Melbourne Zoo | Image Resource :

I am not overrating when I say that I was truly mesmerised by the beauty and charm of the place. Especially, The Butterfly House, The Trail of the Elephants and The Great Flight Aviary caught my better attention that being the most popular display in the zoo. The zoo also has an interactive avenue for the nature and adventure lovers like me, namely ‘Roar ‘n’ Snore’ which is hosted in the summer months and allows you to stay during the night and encourages to get up early and help the feeders feed food to the animals. I grabbed this avenue to experience once in a lifetime opportunity!

Melbourne Zoo | Image Resource :

There are various exhibits in the zoo, including the three I mentioned above. Some of them are Orang-utan Sanctuary, Asian Rainforest, Australian Outback, Great Flight Aviary, Savannah, Lion Park, Wild Sea, Reptile House, African Rainforest, Treetop apes and monkeys, Small Cat Alley etc. You are bound to be touched by nature once you visit this place!

So here my trip ended and I had such a great time! I so look forward to the next trip, but till then, it’s time to get back to work and enjoy!


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